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Our History

Northeast Orthodontics began in the Old Northeast neighborhood of St. Petersburg in 2011, proudly serving its surrounding community with high quality orthodontic dental care with compassion and a smile. Almost a decade later, in the spring of 2020, Northeast Orthodontics found the need to expand their area of service by acquiring an existing orthodontic office in neighboring Seminole. Together, the two locations, ran by Dr. Reynolds and his fantastic team, have continued to bring exceptional customer service and years of experience using the most advanced, effective, and efficient orthodontic treatment techniques to meet a variety of orthodontic needs.


Braces have become smaller and have been designed to have less friction than in the past. This makes it easier for the teeth to move and requires less force, which is healthier for the teeth and less painful for the patient. Clear braces have become stronger and more durable. They are also much less likely to stain during treatment. We will be happy to show you these new braces at your initial examination.


Invisalign has made several advances that allow us to treat almost any type of orthodontic problem and to treat younger people more reliably. Dr. Reynolds has tremendous experience with Invisalign and is a consultant for general dentists who are learning the system. We will be happy to consider Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment.


There are many new technologies available today to make your treatment better, faster, and more comfortable. We are now able to use advanced X-ray techniques to help diagnose and treat your orthodontic problems. These new systems allow us to analyze the health of your teeth, gums, and surrounding bone in ways never possible before. The result is a more predictable, healthier, and more attractive smile.


The Internet allows us to use technology to improve our communication with patients and parents, improving the quality and efficiency of our office. Each patient will have an online account at www.northeastorthodontics.com, from which you can view account details, make payments, receive appointment information and reminders, view your Invisalign treatment plan (if applicable), and provide feedback and communicate with the staff. Our office is completely paperless, allowing us to focus our attention on you and your treatment.

Personalized Customer Service

Patient and Parent Communications

Communication between the patient and parents and the doctor and staff is a critical element of successful orthodontic treatment. Dr. Reynolds and our staff are always available for you in this regard. We have seating in our treatment area and invite parents to sit with us and discuss progress at any time. We will update parents at each appointment to ensure timeliness of treatment and patient cooperation. Great communication is a primary goal of our office.

On-Time Appointment Pledge

We respect your time and understand you have other commitments in your schedule. We always attempt to be on time for your scheduled appointments and very rarely run behind for any reason. We think you will appreciate our effort to be an easy part of your day!

Flexible Payment Options

We realize that orthodontic treatment is a significant investment and make every effort to make it affordable for you. We offer discounts for payment in full or no-interest financing if you wish to pay over the course of your treatment. Please visit our cost, Financing and Insurance section for more details.

Filing of Insurance

We will file insurance benefits claims for you. We work with most insurance companies and will work to maximize your orthodontic insurance benefit.

Online Account Access and Payments

Your account is available online through this website with full financial information, appointment reminders, scheduling, and treatment updates.

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