3D Printing

Advances in the world of computer aided design and manufacturing technology (CAD-CAM) have made it to the world of orthodontics in a tangible in-office way. The most exciting of these is the world of 3D printing. Using bio-compatible resin built auxiliaries and appliances, Northeast Orthodontics is thrilled to be using cutting edge technology to deliver expanded treatment customization and care. What used to involve outsourced laboratory design and manufacturing utilizing decade old techniques, now leverages the world’s most advanced 3D mapping, software design and materials to offer an entirely Doctor designed, created and printed option to our patients. 

The capability of 3D printing biocompatible appliances on site positions Northeast Orthodontics for further advances in the space, and opens the opportunity to be early adopters of the latest and greatest orthodontic treatment planning and delivery of care for our patients.  While the current range of appliances offered includes active aligners for minor tooth movement, retainers, night guards, bleaching trays, denture teeth, surgical guides and TMJ splints, the sky is the limit. 

Call and ask our office about how your treatment needs may be solved using our in office 3D printed technology.

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