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Orthodontics for Children

Generally, it is best for your orthodontist to start evaluating your child by age 7 to advise on if orthodontic treatment is required and when the best time is to begin treatment. At Northeast Orthodontics, all of your evaluation appointments are complimentary until your child is ready to begin treatment. We offer this because it is important timing is on our side when beginning orthodontic treatment due to how quickly children grow. Orthodontics can be properly times along with puberty onset in order to keep treatment time as efficient as possible. 

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful for people of almost all ages. There are so many options for adults to choose from such a low profile, clear aligners such as Invisalign, clear traditional braces, and of course traditional metal braces. Adult bones are already fused and no longer growing, so there can be limitations to movement in some cases. However, small changes can dramatically improve your smile and we are ready to help you achieve the smile you want! 

We take your health very seriously and won’t hesitate to refer you to a specialist for a second opinion, if necessary. For example, if Dr. Reynolds is concerned about the possibility of gum recession, new or worsened, he will require a Periodontist to sign off on treatment. We won’t recommend treatment to someone who could potentially have adverse reactions or overall is not dentally healthy enough to undergo orthodontic treatment. 

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