If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Not Your Typical Patient, Not Your Typical Doctor

I'm not your typical orthodontics patient. I have three preteens of my own and I last had braces 30 years ago! Since letting my wisdom teeth grow in, I am experiencing too much crowding with my front teeth. Having had many other dentists and orthodontists recommend I have teeth removed (a very unpleasant memory from my childhood), Dr. Seymour was my saving grace! He told me he can fix the crowding in a very reasonable amount of time and the best news was HE DIDN'T HAVE TO REMOVE ANY TEETH TO DO IT! This made my day! From our first encounter, Dr. S. and his staff took excellent care of me. They provided me with the most comprehensive complimentary exam and a knowledgeable explanation of the procedure and cost options. I am thrilled to be in ceramic braces and look forward to my end results! Dr. Seymour has earned my trust and I am confident he will give me the best smile of my life.” – Karen D.

“We were always greeted with smiling faces immediately we walked into the office. Dr. Seymour and his staff were wonderful, the treatment plan was discussed thoroughly, and all our questions were answered .The office atmosphere was very warm and welcoming.” – Kelly R.

Great Impressions

“Dr. Seymour’s office left a spectacular first impression on my 12- and 15-year-old children that will be getting braces. After leaving his office, my children informed me that they no longer needed more dental visits. They felt comfortable with the staff and office environment (especially the game room). To me, this environment for my children will make office visits more pleasurable and comfortable. Pleasure and comfort are very important for my children. Dr. Seymour and Richele were excellent. My children talked about the consultation ALL DAY LONG.” – Selena L.

First Time Visit

“The whole experience was wonderful. Clean atmosphere, friendly staff, and no waiting time thus far. Also, the location is great. The doctor is very easy-going. The treatment was explained in an understandable fashion and they create a team relationship. Everyone in the office was great. I would like to say that Cissie was fantastic and made it a wonderful and pleasant experience for my son and me.” – April J.


“I have had problems with TMJ for many years. I have been to many consultations with specialists, orthodontists, and dentists to figure out the best treatment options. All were to say I needed to have surgery, and Dr. Seymour was the first to say braces will fix the problem no doubt, and boy was he right! His opinion saved me thousands of dollars that I didn't need to spend. I highly recommend that you consider Northeast Orthodontics. Plus the staff is very friendly and gets to know you on a first name basis!” – Vinay P.

Five Star Treatment at NE Orthodontics!

Dr. Seymour's new office in NE St. Pete is amazing. Professionally appointed, a game room for the kids, high tech equipment, friendly staff, and an extremely educated and professional orthodontist made our first experience a pleasure. The office is a relatively quick ride from South Tampa (over the Gandy Bridge and right on 4th St.). We look forward to the changes that our son's teeth will undergo during the next year and we know we are in safe hands with Northeast Orthodontics!” – Davis Family, South Tampa

Excellent Service!

“Friendly staff, fantastic (clean) office, flexible and affordable fees, great doctor, no waiting time. I couldn't ask for more!” – Peyton H.


“When we arrived for our first appointment, we were greeted by name at the door. My children's names were written on the ‘Welcome New Patients’ board. I thought that was an added touch. Everyone was very welcoming and grateful that we came in for the consultation. My nephew is a patient here, so I have seen firsthand Dr. Seymour's exceptional service. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone in need of a consultation and/or treatment.” – Kim, April 5.

NE Orthodontics

“I highly recommend Northeast Orthodontics. The atmosphere was very welcoming and Dr. Seymour and his staff made you feel very comfortable throughout your visit. Dr. Seymour made sure that all of my daughter’s questions were addressed and took his time to really understand her orthodontic needs.” – Amanda, April 9

Highly Recommended!

“The people are warm and welcoming and the office was comfortable and spotless. I waited almost no time between arriving, then to X-rays, then to exam room. Every staff member I encountered was very personable, thorough, and knowledgeable. Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to my next visit!” – Anonymous, June 27

You Couldn’t Ask For Anything More!!

“We are preparing my daughter for braces and it is certainly an overwhelming process. Northeast Orthodontics has made an amazing impression on us, from the initial phone call to the explanation of the treatment needed. We were given options, time, and did not feel pressured at all. We all left the parking lot and my daughter said, ‘this is where I want to go.’ Pretty impressive coming from a 12-year-old!” – Kaylyn H., July 26

Excellent Service

“I am always greeted with a smile, everyone remembers my name, and I am never left waiting (although it would be nice if they made me wait a little so I could enjoy their game room). Very professional and friendly service.” – Justin D.

Expert Services, Excellent Staff!

“Many thanks to Dr. Seymour and his staff for providing such caring and professional service to my kids. I have two in braces and the actually look forward to visiting the office. What a shock to hear, ‘Oh good we get to go to the orthodontist!’ It's one thing to have a recommendation from a parent, but to hear that sort of comment from kids, well that just about says it all!” – Parent of Angelina and Morgan A.

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